TPA partners work with preparation programs, higher education institutions, and state, federal, and local education agencies, as well as foundations and other clients. We provide technical assistance and analysis that we hope can be useful to clients as they work for improvements in preparation programs and in the institutional policies and practices that affect them. We rely on a three-step, continuous improvement approach in our work.
We invite you to engage with TPA in:
  • Creating more coherent state and institutional research-based accountability and program improvement indicator and data systems
  • Designing program evaluations that convey accurate, multi-layer analysis of the problems that compromise program excellence and of the challenges that hinder program improvement
  • Developing action plans to address key problems and challenges, including identification of promising strategies Identification of measures, data, and methods required for program self-assessment and program accountability
  • Providing strategic support – research, convening, assessment, and capacity building – to preparation programs individually or in networks dedicated to program improvement
TPA partners are eager to meet with you, your agency or your organization to discuss potential partnerships and projects for the improvement of educator preparation that may encompass any or all steps in the program development process:
  • Strategic planning
  • Resource development
  • Research and data analysis
  • Implementation
  • Evaluation